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Covering Fees:

N$ 10,000.00
Consuelo in SA from 2012
Dourine Test in Namibia is compulsory. Fresh semen and Frozen semen is available.
All fees payable on order.

Born: 05/05/1997 Germany
Breeder: Doris Hafemeister 

Covering Fees: R10,000.00 Fresh Semen
Consuelo will be in SA at Glenfox stud as from Nov 2010.

Corofino I

Corado I

Cor del a Bryere


Valeska IV



Anna- Tevka

Landgraf I

Ladykiller XX





SIRE: Corofino I

* competes internationally
* HLP:128.96 (4./40) 
* 154.08 for jumping.
* 7 sons in studbook I
* 175 broodmares 
* 159 wining sport horses (FN 2001)

DAM: Anna-Tevka 
* Stamm 2554
* competed A-Grade
* mother of Grannex (Sire in GB)

Dominant Progenitor  Consuelo gives his remarkable abilities to his off springs and improves on every mare.


Corofino I: was rewarded buy the judges with a 10 at his licensing test for his spectacular jumping abilities. As four year old he qualified for the Bundeschampionat and achieved 9.6 in other show jumping test. He was internationally successful under Valerio Sozzi.

Corrado I: winner of his licensing and started a sky rocketing career as stud stallion as well as an international competitor under Franke Sloothaak. He won Aachen and Frankfurt and the German masters in 1994.
Capitol, Farnese, Lord and Ramiro all produced world class horses.
Landgraf I: was the first warmblood sire who’s progeny turned him in a 6,5 Million DM millionaire making him one of the most successful sire

Romantiker grandson of Ramzes, the outstanding sire that produced sport horses in all warmblood breeds. The Ramzes-line was identified as nick to the Achill - line.
Farnese: the most outstanding representative of the Achill-line. The only Holsteiner line that can be followed right up to the early beginnings of the Holstein horse as a breed. Jumping ability and a correct foundation is the trademark of the Achill-line.
Anna Tevka;  GB A-Grade showjumper under Dirk Hafemeister
Mother of Grannex by Grannus, a halfbrother to Consuelo active.


Consuelo’s Offspring:

Otjozonjati DominoOtjozonjati Domino
Breeding: Dorkas – Donavan – Kronos Won Best Bred Namibian Horse 2004: sold to Natal
Otjozonjati Evangelista: premium mare 2nd place at licensing 2005
Foals at other studs::
Neu Heusis Connoisseur:
now sire at Seeis Stud Breeding: Alma X –Seducer XX –Graveur
two 9’s for jumping ability. Final Mark 8.4,
Seeis Aramis::
Breeding: Arandis – Diavolo - DoloritBreeding: Arandis – Diavolo - Dolorit
Final Mark 7.2sold to Mauritius
Locano Musica:premium mare
licensing winner 2004
Neu Heusis Kentucky Queen
Two 9’s for jumping 2006 sold to SA