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Please note: Mares with foals at foot - foals are for sale separately

Adelt Dariana

(sports mare)
Born 10.10.2016
Adelt Callegro- Consuelo –Menotti
In foal to Elya 19.03.2018

Dariana is a very promising mare and in foal to Elya and it looks as if it will be a very large foal. With her excellent confirmation she is not only an excellent broodmare, but also a promising sports horse. She has a very interesting pedigree with Consuelo on both sides. The Elya foal will bring more gene consolidation of Corrado II.

Adelt Solail

Born 24.10.2008
Dark bay
Drosselklang – Graveur -Absatz – Landrost
Studbook 6.55
In foal to Consuelo 22.02.2018 (A.I.)

A striking mare. Very very fertile and she always has tall impressive foals. She has two A.I. colts, but she is also a Drosselkang daughter with her own little tick - she doesn’t like us to put a halter on, but once it is on, she is an angel.

Bag Bag Enja

163 cm
Capital Ulrich – Cameron – Drosselklang – Anschluss
SP 6,87
In foal to Elya 24.03.2018

Enja was bred at Bag Bag stud and I made a swop, because I wanted some Ulrich blood. I had the idea that it would be complimentary with Consuelo, which Elya's colt by Consuelo has proven to be right. I even think that Elya will give her unborn foal long legs and good movements as well as a talent over jumps.

Otjozonjati Bon Eleen

Bono van de Kiekenhoef -Graveur – Anschluss – Left Wing XX
Born 22.10.2005
160 cm
Pre-Register 6,81
In foal to Consuelo A.I 22.01.2018

AA mare with a very special character with a very naughty expression on her face. She is out of the same mother as ElPaso (Nicola Sime). All her foals inherit her charisma, have excellent confirmation like mother and all inherit her quick front legs ang agilnes over the jump

Otjozonjati Dagmar

Born 160cm
Cameron – Midgard Donovan- Schach
In foal to Elya 19.03.2018

Dagmar was in the sport with a junior for several years before she had 2 A.I. foals. She had good lisencing results and a super jump with good gaits.

Otjozonjati Hanna

163 cm
Cameron – Drosselklang – Graveur - Anschluss
Studbook 6,59
In foal to Consuelo covering date 06.06.2018

Hanna is a mare with her own character. Not mean, but also not friendly. This you can’t say of her foals by Consuelo.
Hannah Montana (ridden by Raquel Mendes) is a proof.
Her next two foals were lost to AHS and at the moment she has a late season filly at foot. She should be pregnant to Consuelo, but this needs to be confirmed. She is a very good mother and very fertile.

Otjozonjati Hope

09.11.2008 164 cm
Laptop A.I. -Cameron – Drosselklang – Graveur
SP 5,98
In foal to Elya 15.04.2018

Lovely big mare with lots of presence, but very very shy. She was difficult to get into foal as she doesn’t like us humans to be around.
We left her with Elya in the paddock and now she is in foal.
She will be a great mother, as she was with her first foal, which was lost to AHS in one terrible year where we lost 19 young horses.

Zonjati Bella Gazella

(Sports mare ) Elya – Consuelo – Gluckscup – Eichbaum
Pre book 6,5
She isn’t in foal.
Bella Gazella was raised with a bottle after her mother died of AHS just after giving birth to her. She has no bad manners, lovely gaits and a perfect jump. She is horsebox trained, but not backed.

Zonjati Brya

(Sports mare)
Consuelo – Kronos – Lone Eagle XX
Born: 5.01.2014
170 cm
Studbook 7,12
In foal to My Chacco Blue Son A.I. 22.01.2018 needs to be confirmed,
as we think she may be.

With an average of 7,12 at her licensing and her size, she is in the upper class of broodmares.
She is not in foal and she will make a quality show jumper.
She will be able to do the big classes with ease.

Zonjati Esmiralda

163 cm
Cameron – Graveur -Anschluss – Left Wing XX
Pre-Register she was lame and couldn’t get marks for movement and jumping.
In foal to Consuelo 22.02.2018

This mare also shares the same mother as El Paso (ridden by Nicola Sime) and has a lot of character and presence. She is a very good mother, but unfortunately she lost both her quality foals in freak accidents.
She will wean a big Elya colt now in October.

Zonjati Halli Galli

1,63 cm
Le Primeur – Consuelo – Drosselklang – Graveur
Pre–Book 6,53 she was lame thus no marks for jumping or gaits.
In foal to Elya 24.03.2018

A mare with a nice pedigree that fits well with Elya.
She had an unfortunate accident and was very lame for a long time,
hence her incomplete licensing result. I have a whow photo of her as a youngster over a jump, but now she cannot be jumped anymore. Her filly by Elaya is just my big darling. A promising girl that is very attached to humans. She was just born tame.

Zonjati Hermine

(full sister to Hanna)
Cameron – Drosselklang – Graveur – Anschluss
Pre-Book 5.6 - due to being lame, no marks for gaits or jumping.
In foal to Consuelo 22.02.2018 (A.I.)

Hermine is the full sister to Hanna and mother to Zonjati Hector by Consuelo.
A lovely colt that I sold as weanling. He has elastic gaits and a very sweet character. We never had to tame him - he was just born tame.
Hermine is in foal to Elya.

Zonjati Jole

160 cm
Midgard Godhardt – Drosselklang – Anschluss
Pre-book 5.6
In foal to Consuelo 22.02.2018 (A.I.)

This mare has a very unfair licensing result. She moves with so much cadence and is one of my more favourite horses. She hasn’t a pretty face and looks rather like a war horse, but she is very comfortable with lots of scratching, brushing and pampering.
She should be bred to a dressage stallion, although she is now in foal to Consuelo. I believe that this will be an extra special foal.
Jole brings a lot of good old blood to your stud.

Zonjati La Genna

164 cm
Le Primeur – Drosselklang -Wendesi – Magnet
Pre-book 6,4
In foal to Consuelo 22.02.2018 (A.I.)

This is the typical mother. Her big womb gives lots of space to her tall foals. With her calmness she is always in control of the situation.
For more information please contact Sitta Voigts on cell: 081 127 1118